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❉My lover’s quest❉



Walk the sea

where you take up

my quest – creation’s purest

pearled white rocks

rolled in rolled out

of nature’s love



✍ colleen hannah

This poem is about the first time my boyfriend and I went to the beach together. I, the ever romantic, decided to send him on a quest- a quest to find the most perfectly clear, pure white, perfectly rounded, tiny white rock. I thought I had an amazing quest that would take months if not years to find. I said… jokingly, go forth and find me this perfect white rock.” He did… bout five seconds later.
Woo that was some quest eh?

About vancouverislandpsychosis

I am just an island girl, literally and at heart. The ocean's edge is where I find what I lost during the year, usually that is my brain. I am a fan of laughter and anyone who can laugh at his or herself. I myself need laughter to live, and of course a beach nearby.

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