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Daily Archives: June 28, 2012

Like Ink Black Origami

Like ink black origami

left folded on a shelf

my inner involutions

lay hidden in the midst,


like a fragile butterfly

with outer wings of blackened paper

resplendent inner glory

lays shrouded till she flies


And like that fragile butterfly

I lay beneath, between the folds

imprisoned by my fear,

fear of the unknown

fear of unfolding

a one dimension lonely woman


By chance, a day will come

when someone reaches out

takes hold of each keen corner

smooths out each whetted fold

and frees the captive core.


Perhaps then I,

like an exquisite butterfly

of ink black origami,

would leave behind the masking folds

spread my fragile paper wings,

and fly.


-colleen hannah

We all fold in on ourselves from time to time. But we gain strength when we turn ourselves outward, and gain respect from ourselves and others, when we show our true faces.